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July 2019 Girl Scouts Presentation

The NPA was asked to give a paleontology talk at a Duvall, WA July Girl Scout Camp. We were the anchor of their Dino Day festivities and gave 3 separate presentations to different age groups. They loved Judith!

Presenting: Tom, Graham and Meg.

We enjoyed a lunch of Stone Soup and were paid in Girl Scouts Cookies. It doesn’t get any better than that…

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September 2018 Meeting Photos

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Dino Days 2018

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Metaline Falls Trilobites 2017 Field Trip Photos

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Saddle Mountain 2017 Field Trip Photos

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June 2017 Hands-On Microfossil Event

With instruction from Brody Hovatter, NPA members sorted microfossils under microscopes for storage in the Burke collection.

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May 2017 Meeting Photos

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John Rogers Elementary School Visit

Gregg, Gretchen and Tom represented the NPA at John Rogers Elementary School in North Seattle!

Friday, April 21
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May 2017 Hands-On Activity Photos

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Dino Weekend 2017

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