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November Meeting – Sunday November 26, 2017

Our November NPA Meeting will feature Dave Trexler from Two Medicine Dinosaur Center in Montana. We are lucky that Dave will be in town for Thanksgiving visiting relatives, and Gretchen has secured him as our November Speaker.

Dave Trexler has worked in the field of paleontology since the early 1970’s. He and his family have been heavily involved in dinosaur nesting behavior research (Dave’s mother found the very first baby dinosaurs in a nest in the world!), and Dave has worked throughout western North America. He has worked with the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center since its founding in 1995. Dave is a degreed paleontologist, and his graduate work was a treatise on Maiasaura at the University of Calgary. Dave and his crew collected and prepared what was the only known specimen of a single adult individual of that species, and Dave’s work is still a desk reference for anyone working on duckbilled dinosaurs.

Dave likes to claim he is the only dinosaur researcher in Montana that is not famous… so come see him on November 26thbefore he loses that distinction!

We will be meeting in the Burke Room at the Burke Museum.

November 26, 2017

Guests and visitors are always welcome.

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